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What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Be Like?

  • our current body is linked to our resurrected body causally and essentially, though not all of the qualities of the resurrected body are currently operative.
  • There is continuity because the same body rises. But there is also development and the shining forth of a new glory and new capabilities that our bodies do not currently enjoy.
  • We cannot simply project current human realities into Heaven and think we understand what a resurrected body will look like in terms of age, stature, and other physical qualities. The physical qualities are there, but they are transposed to a higher level.
  •  glorified body will be altogether subject to the glorified soul, so that not only will there be nothing in it to resist the will of the spirit. … from the glorified soul there will flow into the body a certain perfection, whereby it will become adapted to that subjection

  • the great difference between the state of all bodies when risen from the dead, and when in their previous state, is, that before [the resurrection] they were subject to the laws of death, but afterwards, when reanimated, they shall all, without distinction of good and bad, attain to immortality.
- https://www.logos.com/product/13202/the-catechism-of-the-council-of-trent

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"To condescend to the humblest duties, and to devote oneself to the lowliest service is an exercise of humility: for thus one is able to heal the disease of pride and human glory."

- Decretal on Penance (D. II., cap. Si quis semel)